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Level of Consciousness
Title Language Overall Spiritual Year Comments
Astral City: A Spiritual Journey English 800 1501 2011 A doctor finds himself in purgatory only minimally aware of what brought him there. His prayers take him to the Astral City where he slowly learns a new way of seeing, feeling and loving.
Castle in the Sky English 1051 1051 2002 Animated. Sheeta (Crystal) judges no-one, but with compassion, has an understanding of what is creative and what is destructive to her world and the courage to try to deal with it.
Lain Japanese 1051 1051 1997-2000 Animated. Metaphor for a spiritual journey. This is one child's introduction to the Web, not as a separate user/entity, but as one whose mind merges with the Web to find answers. .
Amazing Grace English 1001 1001 2006 This story revolves around the 15 year battle in Parliament (headed by William Wilberforce whose Level of Purpose was 900) for the abolition of slavery in the United Kingdom. This video includes a conversation he had with his friend and mentor John Newton, who wrote the words to Amazing Grace. The Level of Consciousness of this conversation is 1001.
Edges of the Lord English 700 1001 2003 While this is set in WWII, the two children that this film revolves around are Crystal children. Indigos and Crystals have the ability to immerse themselves deeply in whatever they choose to focus on, to the exclusion of all else.
Vera Drake English 580 1001 2003 The calibration of Level of Consciousness is based not on what Vera Drake does, or whether it was creative or destructive, but on Vera Drake herself, as a person who judged no-one.
The Adjustment Bureau English 951 4999 2011 The Soul’s desire for a union between David and Elise is so strong that they are torn apart a number of times by well-meaning angels who are trying to maintain the integrity of the Play called Earth, while the Soul submits numerous requests for changes to the Play. (Spiritual Level is 4999).
Howl's Moving Castle Japanese 951 951 2005 Animated. Beauty is as beauty does. In a land of magic and war, where almost everyone she meets has a magic spell on them, Sofie brings a sense of order to those around her, with no magic, just Love.
August Rush English 501 951 2007 Born from the union of two strangers, both very musically gifted but from different genres, he was raised in an orphanage. His multifaceted talents lift him out of the streets at a very young age to Julliard where he finally is allowed the freedom to express those gifts.
What the Bleep do We Know English 501 2400 2005 Fairly understandable discussion about Quantum Mechanics and the universe of potentialities it opens to us, if we can open our eyes to those potentialities. The material presented ranges from 540 to 2400.
The Final Cut English 500 951 2004 This is a man who made it his goal to judge no-one, except himself
The Chorus French 901 901 2003 The school Prefect, Clement Mathieu does not see the children of his school as monsters, but as misguided children. The difference between this movie and one at 1000 is that he still holds some judgement for himself and a few others (until he gets to know them better).
Open Your Eyes Spanish 500 901 1997 Cesar cannot tell whether he is in a dream, or if his life has really gone that wrong. All the details of his life have become a jumble, parts of which he doesn't remember. He does not know if he is the handsome Cesar he has always known, or the disfigured one he sometimes sees in the mirror. Which is real? The level of Consciousness of the last 10 minutes of the movie is 2400.
The Stalker Russian 800 901 1993 Misleading title. This is a metaphor for a spiritual journey where the guide is there to show you where not to walk. Insertion of one brief scene of negative 5000 drops the Level of Consciousness of this movie from over 1200 to 901. Can you identify it?
Birdy English 501 901 1985 The focus of Birdy, on that which he desires to become, is so intense that it reminds me of the focus of the Crystal child from Edges of the Lord. It is this intense focus on a higher frequency that allows Birdy to rise to that frequency.
Angels in America - Part 1 English 350 400 2004 In part 1, there are a number of character parts in this section which range in calibration from Roy Cohn @ -40 to Belize @400. The arrogant Angel at the end is not significant enough to outweigh Roy and Ethel's negative influence on the story.
Angels in America - Part 2 English 1200 1250 2004 In part 2, all go through trials and tribulations and there is growth for Louis, Belize, but most of all Prior, whose frequency rises to 1250.
Wings of Desire German 901 25,001 1987 This movie is in a poetic form. Calibration of the Level of Consciousness of the Angels as a whole is 25,001. However, the Level of Consciousness of the movie is based on the one angel, who follows the prompting of a desire to don human form, so that he may follow his heart.
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Korean 901 1001 2004 This movie represents the fullness of a young monk's life as he leaves behind his teacher for the pleasures of the secular world, only to find himself with his youth gone, returning to his teacher's sancturary. The Level of Consciousness of the teacher is 1001.