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Map Level Descriptions

The following is an overview of the frequency descriptions or levels on the Map of Consciousness, as presented by Dr David Hawkins, MD, PhD in his book Power Vs Force. While the Map encompasses most of the normal emotions found in those creative souls/roles that make up the vast majority of our universe, it does not portray those souls/roles who are primarily destructive by nature, or who have not yet evolved to an essentially creative level.

Reading or scanning Power Vs Force will give you one view of the following emotions/categories listed on the Map of Consciousness, from the perspective of Homo-Sapiens. For those of you who are Homo-Spiritus, you should be cognizant of the Homo-Sapiens view of the map. This view of those same emotions/categories is a different level view based on the broader levels of Consciousness available to Homo-Spiritus.

The Sacred Contract for each life outlines a specific range of frequencies that this particular life could expect to experience. This range of frequencies is a potentiality and is what Dr Hawkins originally called the Level of Intention for that life. He has provided us with a map of frequencies for one specific range, 0 to 1,000 (which happens to be his own contract Level of Intention and the frequency limit for Homo-Sapiens). What I have found over the past few years is that the frequencies that Consciousness encompasses are infinite and that on this planet there are many ranges available for souls to experience, including ranges a low as 0 to 300 and as high as 0 to 25,000 (although the average for third world countries at this time is about 0 to 500, and for the US, Canada, Europe and Australia is closer to 0 to 900). The average Homo-Spiritus range at this time is about 0 to 5,000.

The following is a brief description of each specific frequency range that we identify as an emotion, as specified in the original Map of Consciousness and on the Expanded Map of Consciousness.

Section 1 – Use of Force

Woebegone. This is the point at which people either commit Suicide or murder someone out of anger, or need. It is not a calculated doing, but is something that bursts forth out of need so deep that it feels that it cannot be contained. If the Level of Consciousness of someone has recently plunged to this level, it is very possible that if they can open to whatever Consciousness presents to them, that their level of Consciousness can turn around and take them to even higher frequency levels than those they have previously experienced.

This is the overwhelming feeling that you could have done something to make your life better, but had not, so you must be to blame for having fallen so low that no one cares. How can others be so carefree when all your resources seem to have dried up and you feel that there is no place you can go and no person to whom you can talk. This is not a one time feeling, something that appears fleetingly, but a frequency that you live in, that is like quicksand, pulling you down.

This is the person who shouts, “I don’t Care,” but does not really mean it. They are really saying that they have run out of options that they can see, and are beginning to succumb to the blackness of the windowless box that they find themselves in. There is numbness in Apathy that insulates them from feeling too much, negative or positive.
Many people at this level are those that pass through it to the levels of guilt and shame as they close down in response to the depression and pain inside. For others, many of them homeless people, this is their bottom because if they cared, it might become too difficult to live. Fortunately, the minute you decide that you do care, your chakras begin to open and your level of Consciousness is already beginning to rise.

As you begin to open up to any of the possibilities that Consciousness has laid in front of you, you are also opening to a higher frequency which in turn brings you more energy through the chakras. The Grief that you feel at this frequency is grief for a life of possibilities which were never fulfilled. There is this sense of life where it feels as if nothing has been accomplished. The frequency of Grief is lower than the level of Fear because within the frequency of Fear there is at least a hope for something better. It is higher than Apathy, because at this level you find that you do care what happens.

This is the rabbit that your headlights pick up on the road, the one that is too afraid to move, as the car bears down on him. This fear can paralyze you so that nothing gets accomplished other than bare existence.
It is the person who is caught in a cycle of an insecure job, with no safe place to rest, not enough food or the fear that someone stronger will take away what little that you do have (and you will either have to start all over tomorrow, or sink into Grief). The majority of the people in this world, especially those in third world countries, live at this level. But even those who live in affluent countries, who have stable jobs can get caught at this level. The only thing that changes between those in poor countries and those in affluent countries, is what you are afraid of. For those in third world countries it is their basic security and basic needs such as food and shelter, whereas in the more affluent societies the fears might revolve around whether you can pay the mortgage, or whether you can hold onto your job.

Once you begin to let go of some of the fears that haunt you, then you can begin to open to something a little more positive, like desire. Even though desire is a level where there is still the familiar push and shove of need, there is also an opening to what could be (2nd chakra). This is where daydreams of desire begin.
Just because you dream of something better does not mean that your level of Consciousness resides at the level of desire, but when you let those desires rule your judgment to the point where little else matters, then you may be living at the level of Desire.

By opening to desire, you are left open to the possibility of not getting what you desire. This is not a fear for existence, but a fear that you will never be able to have all of the wonderful things that your neighbor and the rest of the world enjoys. As you begin to open your third chakra, the anger over not being able to have more, over having to live a life of physical or emotional pain, is the first thing that spills out. That anger itself is a frequency, a slightly higher frequency than the desire that bore it.
This does not mean that every person that experiences anger is living at the level of anger. When something destructive happens many people will experience anger on a temporary basis. However, it is when people live at the level of anger, who experience anger a number of times during the day month after month, year after year, and cannot seem to move past it, that their overall level of Consciousness moves to reflect their condition.


The Marines know about pride. Someone who is afraid or apathetic does not make a good fighter. Anger will help them move past their fear, but can backfire as a soldier begins to move back into society because the anger eventually bleeds over into their civilian life. But Pride (the opening of the chakra of personal power)…simple pride in themselves, their country, their unit, their town, or their family, will move someone to take an extra step, or walk an extra mile.

Simple pride is an attribute which can be somewhat positive, or can develop into a more negative attribute called Arrogance. As long as your pride consists of simple pleasure from recognizing growth in yourself or others connected to you, then it is a positive attribute. When it is used to compare yourself to others there can be either inflation (Arrogance) or deflation (stepping back into Anger because of an erroneous perception that you still do not measure up to your perceived standard).

As you move to higher and higher levels of Consciousness, there is more and more energy available to walk that extra mile, to go beyond what is merely expected. As you open to new things there is an opening of the 3rd chakra, your personal power, providing an even higher frequency of psychic energy. However in this category, the psychic energy received still comes a little short of meeting your psychic needs, so that other means must be used to cover the deficit. For Homo-Sapiens, simple pride can sometimes change to Arrogance that is used to coerce others into doing more than their share, so that your needs are met. Watch for this unconscious form so that you do not indirectly steal from others.

For the Homo-Spiritus, this category takes on a slightly different flavor, that of spiritual Arrogance. The Pre-Indigo, the Indigo and Crystal children are born with a certain knowingness which comes from many lives immersed in spiritual work that many of the souls local to Earth have not yet had. They sense the difference in knowingness and unless their peers are also Homo-Spiritus, many will begin to treat those around them with a slight distain which manifests itself as Arrogance. At some point when they begin to understand that we are all in this together, the Arrogance frequently drops, and they will then move on to the level of Courage.