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The older view of “enlightenment” was that the ego disappeared, or was annihilated. This is what I have seen over the past 10 years:

  • What we call the “ego” is the lower range of frequencies within the whole of the body/mind/spirit/soul spectrum (prior to clearing, within the range of LOC 1 thru 199). More than 98% of the people in this world live within this Level of Consciousness range.
  • As the combined frequency (Level of Consciousness) of the body/mind/spirit rises high enough, it triggers an automatic clearing of the negative frequencies within the range of 1 thru 199
    • Note that the process of clearing does not totally clear all negative frequencies from the body/mind/spirit but like peeling the layers of an onion, it peels one layer of negative frequencies at a time. The awakening process is one of many layers, allowing for more layers to be lifted as you continue to open to what your Soul is offering.

Depending of the amount of clearing completed, the overall effect of this automatic clearing is the following:

  • There is a shift from the ego being in the foreground, to being in the background most of the time, which has an effect similar to turning down the volume on your TV set
  • The actual chatter of the ego slows significantly
  • There are periods of time when the chatter of the ego seems to disappear. You do not always notice the disappearance, but you definitely notice when it pops up again (usually in response to a personal issue which has popped up and is bothering you)
  • In addition to the initial rise in LOC which initiates automatic clearing, the effect of the clearing is to allow for additional insight which in turn, may allow the overall LOC to drift to an even higher level.
  • The tone of the ego changes as more and more of the negative or destructive frequencies are cleared. It began to feel more helpful until I realized that what it was offering was still less than a LOC of 250 (for someone with a LOI of 12,001).

What I have been experiencing is that there will always be something that remains which is considerably less creative than the overall LOC. That something (originally called the ego) will always be a thinker and a doer. It is like something which is following, or tagging along, constantly trying to emulate the higher, more creative frequencies. Those higher frequencies may be in a thinking and doing mode, or in a feeling and being mode. The act of emulation by the lower frequencies however, is a thinking and doing action.

As the tone, the focus, and volume of the ego changes through clearing, it begins to take on a very different style. Its entire approach changes from one of Fear (prior to clearing), to one of Courage (after initial clearing from frequencies 1 thru 199), Neutrality (as the LOC of the body/mind/spirit reaches and passes 12,001 at which time the clearing is from 1 thru 249) and Willingness (for beginning level Angels). Remember however, that what answers the ego is offering is still less than a LOC of 300, and your combined LOC (you and Soul) is likely to be considerably higher. Which one would you pick!

At the level of Fear, the ego literally chatters, constantly, worried about this and that, afraid of being caught, of being unseen, of not having enough, of not being enough. It is the constant regurgitation of every negative thing that we have been taught in this life.

At levels of Consciousness less than 12,001, and after substantial clearing, the ego begins to slowly drop old, negative habits and take on new, self-imposed duties and habits. No one requested these changes, the ego just takes on the job of planning things for you, whether you can use what it comes up with, or not. If you have a brief intuition, it grabs the idea, claims it as its own, and does research on it perusing memories and the Collective Unconscious (Homo-Spiritus has a separate Collective Unconscious). If you care to, you can watch this as the ego works on it. The ego also rehearses dialogs for you. If you are worrying about how to ask your boss for a raise, it will work out that dialog for you. The problem is that whatever solution it works on will be much less creative than what is available by remaining open to Consciousness. It is the same old ego, just working at a somewhat higher level.

At a level of Consciousness of 12,001 or higher, the automatic clearing not only clears the frequencies from 1 to 199 but continues clearing through 249. That does not mean that the ego immediately changes its spots. It will take time for its operating level to move higher, to some median point, more in line with those lower frequencies within the body/mind/soul.

As far as I can see, there will always be some lower range of frequencies which can be seen as diametrically opposed to the more creative frequencies within the body/mind/soul. We can consider that lower range of frequencies which talks to us 24/7, as our ego.

When certain subjects were brought up in my family, there was an intensity of feeling that colored everything that was said. When you start clearing, to a lesser degree, that is what it feels like, especially the first few cycles. You will clear feelings in the reverse order that they are laid out in the Map of Consciousness. Anything under 200 is considered a negative frequency and you start clearing with the frequency at 199, clearing Pride first, then Anger, then Desire and so on until you reach 0. As you clear the frequencies of Pride, you will feel that Pride, you will taste it, and it will color everything you do while it is clearing. When you are clearing Apathy, for some who are disposed more toward anger, there will be a giant “I DON’T CARE!” and for others it will feel more like there is not enough energy to do what needs to be done, so why bother. For those who have prided themselves on their ability to control their mind, this will be a BIG awakening. But remember, it is not you that is saying “I don’t care”; it is something you locked away rather than hurt others and now you are feeling it so that you can let it go.

There are several events which can cause clearing to resume once the initial clearing has completed. Those are: a significant positive change in either your Level of Purpose or your Level of Consciousness. The amount of initial clearing (which can take up to 2 years) relates in part to the amount of clearing required for the Level of Consciousness/Purpose that you are currently at. If your Purpose or Consciousness rises significantly then you will clear some more. It is a never-ending process as even the angels, archangels and creators still have negative frequencies to clear.


NOTE: If you do learn and extensively utilize Kinesiology or your Intuition, there will come a time when there will be an ongoing dialogue within your mind between the body/mind and the soul. While there have been instances where people have an open dialog with their soul based in words, for me the intuitive answers are either in the form of a “sense” of something, a knowingness, which contains no words. Some of the time it is so brief that it is difficult to define, to put into words. However, the soul will continue to help you understand by using a number of different methods. Something will pop up in front of you, time and time again and one day you know that this is the direction that you are being asked to go. Using your Kinesiology or your Intuition will further help you to define what this knowingness was trying to bring to you but the source is from the Soul. Please understand that if you try to go in a direction that your mind (ego) is telling you to go, you will likely be met with blocks, frustration, fear, a lack of funding, etc. All of these should tell you to stop trying and open up to the Soul has waiting for you.

The 8th chakra appears to allow the user to reach into the semi-manifest for power to do certain things. There is an 8th chakra automatic opening to the power of the semi-manifest which I feel at times although I do not have access to it for my own use. All of my testing has said NO to anyone at this time having access to 8th chakra power. The only person that has tested positive for conscious use of this type of power was Jesus Christ. It is probable that this power will most likely be used exclusively by souls (using consenting body/minds at a Level of Consciousness of 10,000 or greater).

It finally came to a point where my upward movement in Purpose, Consciousness and Flow-Thru had stopped and the clearing had finally come to an end about mid-2005 and I breathed a sigh of relief. However, one day the second week of December (2005), there was an extremely loud and boisterous voice in my ear the entire way to the Chiropractor, and I had to stop the car to ask if my Level of Consciousness had changed. It had, and my body/mind had started clearing again, for only about the 50th time. Note: The same thing happened again in early 2014.

One of the things that this body/mind/soul seems to be able to do reasonably well is to document. It is quite possible that much of what happened during the period from late 2002 through 2005 was to provide illustrations for others. While the Indigo and Crystal children (Homo-Spiritus) will not have to endure nearly the same intensity and length of clearing (they have done it many times during previous lives which accounts for their higher incoming level of clarity) there is an entire planet of beings who will eventually have to endure much the same intensity as they approach the awakening process for the first time. As of mid-2015, there are only about 1,000 who have at least begun the automatic clearing process.