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Level of Openness

Level of Openness is the degree to which you are open to what is being projected to you by your higher power (however you define it). I found it useful to define my higher power as my Soul. Others might feel more comfortable identifying it as any number of positive spiritual higher authorities (such as Jesus Christ or GOD, for Christians).

A few examples: Level of Openness
Jesus Christ 4.1 %
Buddha 3.9 %
Swami Vivekananda 3.9 %
Joseph, son of Abraham 3.5 %
14th Dalai Lama 3.1 %
Charlemagne 2.7 %
Shree Rajneesh (Osho) 2.7 %
Luther 2.0 %
Pope Francis 2.3 %
Average (Europe, North America, Australia) 0.01 %
Average (3rd World Countries) 0.001 %