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Level of Intention

The following map(s) are presented to show you that there are an infinite number of Levels of Intention (LOI), and each Level of Intention has it’s own map. All souls/roles fit into a number of basic groups, each with it’s own set of maps, from the most destructive to the most creative:

  • The very destructive, who have not evolved far enough to be creative
  • Early Homo-Sapiens, up to the time that the Vedas were written
  • Homo-Sapiens from the time of the Vedas, to the current time
  • Homo-Spiritus (as a group beginning in the 1940’s)
  • The Angels or Bodhisattvas (thru level 6 or “Learning”)
  • The Archangels, upper level Bodhisattvas & Celestial Buddhas
  • Creators in Training
  • Creators (God, Sophia of God)
  • Unmanifest Consciousness

The potential frequency of every individual level is different based on that individual’s Map of Consciousness, which, in turn is based on the individual’s Level of Intention. The frequency of Logic and Reason for instance, for someone whose level of Intention is the same as Dr. Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness (1000) would be 400 through 499. For someone with a level of Intention of 1001, the level of Logic and Reason would be 401 through 500. For someone whose level of Intention is 5,000 the level of Logic and Reason would be 2,000 through 2499, and so on.

The following map(s) were designed to allow you to see that we are all different and yet the same. To me, the only difference between you and the person you sit across from, is how many lives have been experienced to bring you here, to this website and this web page

Levels of Intention

Names of Examples Intention* Year
Populace at the time of Christ 400 33
Peter the Apostle 650 33
Rumi 800 1207
Meister Eckhart 900 1260
Martin Luther 900 1483
Thomas Jefferson 900 1743
Abraham Lincoln - at birth 900 1809
Abraham Lincoln - day of death 1,000 1864
Charles Fillmore 1,000 1854
Vivekananda 900 1863
Vivekananda 1,001 1902
The 13th Dalai Lama 1,000 1876
The 13th Dalai Lama 2,000 1932
C.S. Lewis 1,000 1898
Ram Dass 1,001 1931
The 14th Dalai Lama 2,000 1940
The 14th Dalai Lama 10,000 current

* This is the Potential for the body/mind/spirit at the date specified. It is not set in stone. I have tried a number of times to calibrate the Level of Intention for Jesus Christ, with no success.

Your Level of Intention (LOI) may change at any time, although it is less volatile than your Level of Consciousness (LOC). Types of changes that have been noticed are:

  • Prior to birth as the Soul attaches
  • After the completion of a level of Clearing
  • If your body/mind accepts a spiritual teaching which is at a significantly lower level than your current Level of Consciousness

Out of all the players on this planet Earth (past, present and future), an incoming Soul selects a life which is the best suited to meet its spiritual needs. The Soul reviews the life for areas that will need changes (such as a specific talent) and arranges for any changes to be implemented. One of the changes may be the beginning Level of Intention. Most children are born with the Intention they will require for their life but in a few circumstances the Level of Intention may temporarily be reduced (so the child may blend with their family) until as an adult it is activated by the player’s rising Level of Consciousness which needs a higher Level of Intention for its continued growth (see “Abraham Lincoln” and “Vivekananda” in the table above).