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Kinesiology and Awakening

After ordering another copy of Power Vs Force from the author in Sedona, I learned that Dr. Hawkins had begun giving monthly, day-long lectures in Sedona. During 2002, I managed to attend six of the lectures and viewed the other six by video tape. Dr. Hawkins was recommending that people learn applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to ask their own questions. I took my first work in Kinesiology (Questions 1b) to Sedona in July, and Questions 3 and 4 in September to make sure that the work being done was on the right track, and have never looked back. There is nothing that has been done in my life that can remotely compare with the ability to ask all the questions I want, from a non-judgmental source. It is a learning tool “par excellence”. More has been learned from this source than during my entire life combined. The clearing, the awakening that has come from asking questions about Consciousness, is more than that which I had worked for over my entire life. It has been a process of continual awakening, a stretching.

On June 16, 2002, right after attending the second lecture in Sedona, a form of Kundalini openings began in earnest. They became daily events at approximately 5:00 AM in the morning, and lasted for about 27 months. It began as a shaking of my right leg. At some point several months later, the shaking ended with the body going completely stiff for about 2 seconds and then relaxing. By the beginning of 2003, there would be extra energy during the day. At some later point, rather than the body becoming stiff, the entire body would begin to move in something like a sine wave. Towards the end, in late 2004, I would count the number of waves, thinking that 50 was great until one day it was 150! At one point, the openings quit and I sighed with relief only to have them start up again a month later after seeing a visiting healer.

During this same time, my Level of Consciousness was continually rising. Every day brought new information and new insights. As my body/mind opened to those insights, the result would be a slightly higher Level of Consciousness. There were times when I was afraid that my Kinesiology was wrong, that somehow I was doing something wrong, and the Level of Consciousness would drop back to the 700 to 900 range. This would also bring a sense of physical relief for about 24 hours. But then, as I asked more questions, the level of Consciousness would begin to rise again, and again. There was a lot of fear and excitement combined, but at times the fear would be stronger. At some point it became obvious that the frequency in my body was truly rising that fast; and after that point, I just watched and calibrated. There was nothing else to be done. When the calibrations indicated that it had reached 25,000 (the frequency limit of the material world) and then kept going, the answers to my questions indicated that it was not truly my Level of Consciousness that was being calibrated but some other factor which I eventually called “a Flow-thru frequency”. The answers led me to believe that it was energy of an increasing level of frequency that the Soul directed through my 8th chakra into this world from the semi-manifest. There were times when an increased level of power flowing through the 8th chakra would literally put my body into Samadhi again for several hours (at a lower level), and occasionally there would be days when I just slept off and on all day. It was only then, after I had read Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection that it became clear that the energy which was passing through my 8th chakra, was flowing into the Grid around the Earth. Although Eric talks about using energy from the Grid, this appeared to be supplying the Grid with energy (although not coming from this body, but through the 8th chakra of this body).

About mid-2004, after developing a method of tracking the awakening process, one particular value stood out as being the best; an overall measure of the depth of clarity as the awakening process unfolds. It could be calibrated as the total percentage of negative frequencies which had been cleared from the body. In the USA, for instance, the average level of Clearing is approximately 7.0%. In the poorer countries, the average clearing level is closer to 4.5%. However, the average level of clearing for a young adult Indigo is closer to 20%, and for the young Crystal adults it averages about 24%.

The potential for a certain level of additional clearing is based on a number of factors but those with a clearing level of 1% are the most likely to put the time, effort and heart into seeking and seeing who they really are, which is what is necessary to trigger a clearing process.

My level of clearing at the time that I moved to Grass Valley, was closer to 1% which I eventually learned is typical for a Spiritual Seeker. Even after ten years of psychotherapy in Alaska and Berkeley, plus doing clearing work for over a year with a psychotherapist in Grass Valley, it was still barely over 2%. In 2008, after about 10 years of active seeking there was Silence that had never been there before and several months later, when it was checked, my clearing level was 20% and has remained there. It was obvious that my level of Clearing did not depend on my knowing about what was happening in my family, or who did what to whom, or how many Living Essence sessions had been experienced, or how many years of Kundalini meditation that this body had done. It was a gift of Grace and it was Free!!!!!

The effect of the increasing levels of clearing was:

  • To increase my ability to make creative decisions +++
  • To begin to see myself as I really am
    • Seeing my talents for what they are
    • Seeing what I thought were my faults for what they are
    • Beginning to understand what can be changed and what cannot
    • Dropping of the “poor me”
    • Much less of a need for attention
  • To help you better use your IQ

None of this was instantaneous. Most of the creative changes took place over time. For example:

  • After the reorganization, something would cause me to pause whenever I tried to use one of the more mindless euphemisms. It gave me time to evaluate whether it was appropriate to use it in this particular occasion. Most of the time it did not fit.
  • This body has a number of developing health problems.
    • One began with trauma when I was 7 but did not really hinder until age 48. It affected a number of neurotransmitters so that I did not fully develop until the time was ripe for both me and my soul.
    • Depression had a tendency to cause me to change course. An uncle told my mother not to worry because “she always comes out smelling like a rose”. That is because the depression caused me to become more open to my soul which gave me a more creative direction to take.

We did not become who we are immediately, and we will not achieve our full potential quickly. It is a matter of becoming and remaining open to our Soul. The highest level of openness that I have tested is about 4.4 %. For most people it is about .1 %. People like Steve Jobs are about 2 %, a few spiritual teachers are about 3 % and a very few innovative spiritual thinkers are 3.3 %.

As soon as a person’s Level of Consciousness moves over 89% of their original incoming Level of Intention (for Homo-Sapiens), or over 90% of their original incoming Level of Intention (for Homo-Spiritus), the negative frequencies begin to leave the body, automatically. Granted, this free clearing is a bit interesting. It feels as if you are actually experiencing that particular emotion as the frequency of the emotion leaves the body. It can take days, to months to initially clear what your Soul needs to do its work. The length of time depends on the number of times you and your soul have experienced this clearing process in the past.