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In one sense there is no such thing as "Enlightenment" because as soon as you think that you have attained this Enlightenment, Consciousness opens up an entire new level to show you that there is always room for more growth. If you have a level of Intention of 1000 and your level of Consciousness is 1000, congratulations! But, the next time you open your eyes a little wider, you will see a whole new world on the other side of 1000, just waiting for you. As soon as you accept the possibility of this new world, your Level of Intention changes to match the overall intention of what you have seen and accepted and you find yourself entering a new phase of the game.

One phase of my path to Enlightenment began with a book that I found in an art gallery. The book was Power Vs Force and was written by David R. Hawkins MD, PhD (currently available from Veritas Publishing and Hay House Inc). The Map of Consciousness and concept of emotions as frequencies really caught my imagination. In Dr. Hawkins book and his classes in Sedona AZ in 2002, the main request that Dr. Hawkins made was that we learn Kinesiology and ask our own questions. This website is about what Kinesiology has brought to me.

Introduction to the work of DAVID R. HAWKINS MD, PhD

In one of his 2002 monthly lectures, Dr. David R. Hawkins told us, that at a lecture on applied Kinesiology in the 1970’s the participants were told that applied Kinesiology was a tool used to talk to the “body intelligence”. His automatic reaction was that the perceived scope of the instructors was much too narrow and that applied Kinesiology received its answers directly from Consciousness itself.

In the early 1990’s Dr Hawkins was persuaded to write and publish a book based on his experiences with applied Kinesiology. He did so and published the book Power Vs Force in 1995. In his book, Dr. Hawkins asked that people learn to use applied Kinesiology for themselves and to ask their own questions. This theme was repeated many times during the monthly lectures held in Sedona during 2002.

The main theme of the book and lectures (that emotions are held in the body as energy) was not unknown, and neither was the development of some form of a map of Consciousness; but Dr. Hawkins’s development of the subject was well written and allowed the material to be read and understood by both thinking type personalities and feeling type personalities.

Dr. Hawkins introduced the following concepts to us:

1. That all emotions are energy and that the level of frequency of any emotion can be calibrated.

2. Dr Hawkins constructed a Map of Consciousness by assigning a beginning value of zero (to represent death) and an ending value of 1,000 (the frequency at which Jesus Christ lived). He then calibrated the basic frequency range for each of the major emotions (which he called the Map of Consciousness in his book, Power Vs Force). Those emotions whose frequencies were under 200 are what we would consider negative emotions such as Shame, Fear and Anger. People living significantly over 200 on the Map have adequate power available for life. Those people who live at levels 200 or less, are not open enough to what Consciousness brings them and therefore must use force to supplement their energy (hence the title: Power Vs Force).

3. A composite of the frequency of your attitude towards the many facets of life is what Dr. Hawkins called Level of Consciousness. Your overall level of Consciousness (overall frequency) could be fairly high but the fear or anger associated with the advent of: physical or emotional problems, the loss of a loved one or the loss of financial support, might temporarily cause the level of Consciousness for one or more facets to drop, but might not materially affect your overall level. It is up to you.

4. Another factor that Dr. Hawkins discussed was a person’s Level of Intention. This is seen as a potential (as opposed to a goal) for the life being currently experienced. Early in the 20th century, potential for the life of a baby born to the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh might be only 100, and the potential of a child born in the slums of New York might be only 400, but, in those areas of the world where life is kinder, the potential of a child of doting older parents might be 1,000. That, however, is only the beginning. As an adult, it is what you can open to, which in the end determines your Level of Intention and Level of Consciousness.

5. Although Dr. Hawkins may not have considered it a factor when he was writing the books, most of his books after Power Vs Force appear to be written for Homo-Sapiens. During the 2002 lectures, there were a number of times when Dr. Hawkins mentioned what he called Homo-Spiritus as a future eventuality. His definition of Homo-Spiritus was the continuing development of the body’s nervous system so that the body would be able to host levels of Intention and Consciousness considerably greater than 1,000. His theory was that Jesus Christ’s level of Consciousness was limited by what the nervous system of his body was capable of tolerating. He indicated that he felt that when Christ said “and more will you do”, that Christ meant it literally.

Introduction to the work of: LOU FOURNIER MARZELES

In his own lectures, Lou Fournier (a student of Dr. Hawkins), introduced what he originally called the Level of Purpose, to explain some of the energetic differences in people who calibrate at approximately the same Levels of Intention and Consciousness. In some ways, Level of Purpose is virtually as important, as the Level of Intention and Level of Consciousness because both of these grow from the soil of your sense of purpose in this life. Whenever I see someone suddenly make a leap in Consciousness, it initially tests as a positive change in their Level of Purpose. If a person is very spiritual all their life, but never seems to build anything beyond the platform that they were born to, their Level of Purpose usually calibrates somewhat lower than those whose Levels of Consciousness and Intention continue to grow.

Introduction to the work of: JANET JEFFERSON

A synchronicity developed which introduced me to the subject of the Indigo children when I moved to Nevada County, CA. While I had already been doing some work with applied Kinesiology (the Question papers), it was as if a new topic had been introduced to me. Meeting the people in this area was a delight. They were open, intelligent and caring. There were many spiritual seekers there. One spiritual teacher told his class that just driving through and meeting a few people was enough to open his heart to the possibility of a move to Grass Valley. In 2002 while attending Dr. Hawkins lectures, a question was asked about the children of that area, as to whether they were the Homo-Spiritus that he had mentioned previously. His answer was NO, but the idea stuck with me. Once home, books on the Indigo and Crystal children were ordered and what my fingers told me was that these are the Homo-Spiritus that had been referred to.

What applied Kinesiology has helped me to understand, is that the power that comes to us comes through the chakras (8 major chakras and 1100 smaller ones) and is the power which is used by the body’s meridian system. There has been a slow but significant change to the meridian system, which has allowed some children to be born at higher levels of Intention than Homo-Sapiens, whose frequency range is 1-1,000. These Homo-Spiritus are the Pre-Indigo, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Emerald children and their ranges of Intention are between 1,001 and 25,000. Are these the end? NO!

Kinesiology verifies that even Homo-Spiritus is just another step on an endless journey of the development of this Universe. Both the Buddhist and Christian faiths have named role types which correlate to each other, and which start with frequencies greater than the highest frequencies of this world (25,000):




Bodhisattva Levels – 1-6


25,001 – 50,000

Bodhisattva Levels 7-10


50,001 – 80,000

Celestial Buddhas


80,001 – 100,000

If this Universe was designed with the Homo-Sapiens that we know on this planet Earth and the semi-manifest roles our spiritual teachers have seen, is it not likely that there are roles in that middle ground (between the frequencies of 1000 and 25,000) here on earth, roles that Dr. Hawkins called Homo-Spiritus?

What is important at this point, is that you understand that what we see in this life is only what we see. Be here and now applies to both our past spiritual lives and our future ones. Open to what Creative Consciousness brings to you today, and there will never be a dull moment.

NOTE: While it would be nice if the images painted by this website were fully accurate. When you are talking about what you understand as a body/mind, and opening up to Consciousness for the rest, the body/mind is the least perfect of the combination. Therefore, we settle for what we see, as we open. The same thing will happen to you. The only thing that we can do is to pray that whatever inaccuracies do occur, that they do not negatively mislead others. Janet Jefferson