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Increasingly Receptive


Relaxing into who you are creates a form of Peace, a quiet lull in the storm, and the beginning of acceptance of your Self as you see it. Out of the quiet comes a peace and acceptance of that which had formerly been a battleground. There is less of a need for attention because you know that you are OK. The perceived need is now seen as a grasping for something that is not necessary for you to function. As your attention turns inward more and more, you receive what you really need, warmth and peace beyond all understanding.

A part of the Peace that you experience at this level comes from understanding that you are not the maker of your world, or the driver; that the only thing that you can really do is to accept what comes to you from Consciousness. You are beginning to break the habit of thinking that you must continually be doing something to progress. Peace comes from relaxing into what Consciousness presents to you.

At this beginning level of peace, you may recognize that this acceptance is necessary, but without the clearing of negative frequencies from the body, it may not be possible to accept more than what is obvious. The more that you can recognize and relax into what comes, the faster your overall frequency will rise (this overall frequency is what is called “Level of Consciousness”).

The following categories differ from Dr. Hawkin’s original Map of Consciousness in his book, Power Vs Force. They are an expansion of the category he called “Enlightenment” (frequencies 700 through 1000 on a Map for those with incoming Intentions of 1000).


As you begin to relax into who you are, you will find Consciousness providing clues and opportunities for you in every part of your life. Your main job is to be open to those opportunities. The more open you are, the more you welcome what Consciousness offers, the more that is offered.

One of the biggest benefits that comes with welcoming what is offered, is a rise in the frequency of the energy available through the chakras (Level of Consciousness). Another major benefit is an automatic clearing of negative frequencies from the body which varies depending upon: the ratio of your overall Level of Consciousness frequency (LOC), to your incoming Level of Intention (LOI). (see the following table for actual percentage required).

Level of Intention (LOI) Percent of LOI required to Begin Clearing Actual Level of Consciousness (LOC) Required to Begin Clearing LOC Description
900  88% 800 Homo-Sapiens
1,000 90% 900
2,000 90% 1800 Homo-Spiritus
5,000 90% 4,500
*10,000 90% 9,000
12,000 90% 10,200
15,000 90% 12,800
20,000 90% 18,000
25,000 90% 22,500
26,000 90% 23,400 Angels
50,001 92% 46,000 Archangels
100,001 95% 95,000 Creators in Training

*Above 10,000 any increases in LOC will be in increments of 1,000’s rather than 100’s.


At some point, when you have completed clearing and gone through the reorganization (see the following section Clearing and Reorganization), you continue to find more and more peace. This is the beginning of true emotional healing as you begin to realize how much of a negative impact this worldly paradigm has had on you. Just the feeling of peace that clearing brings with it, is a form of emotional healing. Examples of behaviors which are positively affected by clearing:

  • Fear
  • Neediness
    • Need for Approval
    • Need for Advice
    • Need for Company
    • Need for noise
  • Grasping
  • Dependence
  • High Stress level
  • Indecision
  • Negative Attitudes (eg "poor me")

After you have been in integration (the level following Clearing and Reorganization) for a while you find that you are beginning to see past events as they actually occurred, without the need to explain them, rehearse them, embroider the details, excuse your part in them or to make them seem better, bigger or smaller than they were. You begin to see each of your decisions as the best decision you could have made in that moment, and that recognition allows you to be at peace with that decision. There is no need for forgiveness because there is nothing to forgive, you did the best you could. As you begin to apply this recognition to others around you, there is less stress and more and more peace in your life. You are beginning to heal.

The more you recognize that others also make the best decisions they can, the more you begin to see Consciousness in everyone, starting with those around you. If you made the best decisions you could, why not them? If they made the best decisions they could, what is the likelihood that a person in jail, or living on the street has made the best decisions they could?

What does that mean? As I have seen through the use of applied Kinesiology, all roles on this Earth, from a tadpole to Jesus Christ are designed:

  • For souls to experience
  • To support those more active roles that souls experience
  • To provide the Harmony and/or disharmony and conflict that souls must experience in order to learn and grow

All of this points to an overall design, a plan by something much greater than ourselves: Consciousness. So, rather than weep over our misfortunes, let us seek to experience them the best we can and remain open to everything that Consciousness throws our way, because it is Consciousness that is standing by us every step of the way as we experience, learn and grow.


This is a point at which the clearing of negative frequencies really begins and there is nothing for you to do but let it unfold. For some it will be frustrating, and for others a Joy, but for all it is a prelude to the real Awakening process which is a five level process. Clearing of the ego, originally considered Enlightenment, is but the first step once you reach the clearing level.

Up until this point, if you attempted to clear negative frequencies through therapy or workshops, it took a lot of effort to clear even 1-2% over a number of years, but as your level of Consciousness approaches your incoming level of Intention (about 88% for Homo-Sapiens or about 90% of incoming Intention for Homo-Spiritus), an automatic clearing begins. For most people this automatic clearing will drop anywhere from 12% to 40% of negative frequencies from your body. This clearing of negative frequencies is the beginning level of what has traditionally been called Enlightenment (the body/mind Jesus Christ in Gethsemane was 48% clear, although many Indigos at this time are about 20% clear, and Crystals are about 24%). There is nothing for you to do except watch the process unfold as the buried feelings are brought up to the Conscious level, and then released (you may feel them as they are being released).

This is one of those chicken vs the egg conundrums. Would the automatic clearing have begun if you had not put considerable time and effort your spiritual path? Probably not (unless it all had been done in prior lives), but it does not mean that the lifetimes of time and effort to clear are wasted, as these efforts are what have helped raise your consciousness high enough to make the automatic clearing possible.

For most people, the first negative frequency to clear the body is Pride/Arrogance. As your day winds on you will find that every thought will be colored by the frequency that is being cleared. Your thoughts will be flavored by a sense of Shame until it has finished clearing for this particular session (since I cleared many times over several years, you will never completely clear any one level such as Shame). The second category to clear is Anger, then Desire and so on, down the chart to Shame which is the last category to clear. Each body/mind has a different mix of negative frequencies and therefore will have a unique clearing pattern. For some, Anger will be the strongest, for others it will be Fear and so on.

There is a specific pattern of automatic clearing which is based on the ratio of your Level of Intention (current Intention, or LOI) to your Level of Consciousness (LOC). Each group begins clearing at a higher percentage of Intention than the last group. This extends to the soul experiencing your life as well. As an example, if you have a level of Intention of 10,001, then you will begin clearing negative frequencies at approximately 9,000 and the frequencies being cleared are 1 thru 200.

Level of Intention Frequencies
Being Cleared


800 1 thru 200 Homo-Sapiens
1,000 1 thru 200
5,000 1 thru 200 Homo-Spiritus
10,000 1 thru 200
15,000 1 thru 250
20,000 1 thru 250
25,000 1 thru 300
25,001 1 thru 350 Angels
40,000 1 thru 350
60,000 1 thru 350
60,001 1 thru 400 Archangels
100,001 1 thru 500 Creators in Training


In addition to clearing those negative frequencies from the body that we call the Ego, there are negative frequencies related to the Subconscious, and the Unconscious, which will each be cleared in turn as part of the Level I. If your level of Purpose or Consciousness either rises or falls significantly, the clearing will stop. If your level falls, that is the end of the clearing process until your levels rise again. If your level rises significantly, the clearing will stop and then begin again starting with the Ego. Each time your levels of Purpose or Consciousness rise a significant amount, the clearing process will begin again. It is possible for your level of Intention to rise, in which case your level of Consciousness may be less than required to clear and you will not clear again until your LOC reaches 90% of your new Intention.

The severity and the length of time to clear will depend on how much has been cleared previously (in this lifetime or in previous lifetimes). The first clearing ever, for someone who is Homo-Sapiens may be rough and take months to years, or if the Soul has cleared many times and the body/mind has cleared at a number different levels in the current lifetime, it can take less than 24 hours to clear the Ego.

Eventually, there will be a number of awakened teachers who will be there to support you, but at this time (2015) there are not that many. For those who can do Kinesiology, I would recommend that you initially find a teacher whose Level of Intention is the same or higher than your own and who has had some Clearing. For those who do not use Kinesiology (or muscle testing), try to find a teacher who does Kinesiology and who is supportive.

If clearing of the body/mind were not enough, there is also a form of clearing as the Soul rises in levels of Purpose and/or Consciousness. This can be particularly boisterous to your inner ear if it has been some time since the body/mind last cleared, and you have grown accustomed to the quiet.

Those frequencies that you have wrestled with the most, both in this life and in prior lifetimes, will be the ones that will be felt more strongly as they are brought up and released. For example, if you have had problems with Anger in this lifetime, then as Anger begins to be released you will be much more aware of it because you will almost be able to taste it and it will color what you feel and say over the period of time that you are clearing. Feeling that Anger is part of the process of letting it go.

This clearing of negative frequencies from the body never really ends. However, it may stop temporarily when your body has cleared what needs to be cleared for your specific Level of Consciousness (see below). Clearing may start up again at some later date or not, depending on what Consciousness/Holy Spirit has planned for your role or based on a recent rise in your level of Consciousness or rise in level of Purpose. The ultimate effect is that the Ego begins to be much calmer as the clearing progresses. Afterwards, your mind may be very quiet for hours to weeks. At other times you may notice the ego planning, and rehearsing, but more in the background than before.

No more do you need to have the TV, or music on, just for noise to distract yourself from the ramblings of the Ego. You may find that you like the quiet! You may like just sitting, watching nothing, listening to nothing, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Doing, just to be doing (such as long periods of planned meditation) no longer seems appropriate because at some point just sitting quietly, or a natural way being in the present moment, becomes your meditation.

We have been talking about clearing based on a rise in levels of Purpose, or Consciousness. However, either of those can drop as well. If there is a drop in your level of Consciousness (which is common if you doubt what you originally saw and accepted) your clearing will stop and will not start up again until you move back to the clearing level. A drop in level of Purpose may mean that a person no longer wishes to put that level of effort into pursuing their spiritual goals or may signal a physical problem which may preclude them from continuing the pursuit of their spiritual goals. It may be permanent or temporary, as a person deals with difficulties in their life. As an example, just the thought of learning to be patient in a person with a higher level of Consciousness is enough to drop their level of Purpose by 10 points. Patience is a body/mind trait of the Ego, so learning patience is equivalent to acknowledging the Ego.


Once your Ego and Subconscious have cleared from your current level, you begin to clear Karma based on the lives experienced on Earth, then Karma from lives experienced in other domains. This is very similar to level 1 clearing. All you can do is to acknowledge it and continue with your life.


After clearing Karma, the clearing continues. What I have been able to confirm with applied Kinesiology is that this level of clearing is related to your sacred contract for this life.


This level is a data reorganization within the brain based on a new way of seeing things, a new paradigm that you have seen and accepted. A communications professor once told me that children go through this reorganization at about age 8-9 (a friend who is a teacher confirmed that it happened frequently in her third grade class). Children come to us with a paradigm that is very close to that of their Soul, but as they try to live on this planet and try to fit in with their family, their playmates and their teachers, they slowly begin to drop the paradigm of the Soul and adopt a paradigm that seems to fit the observations and talents of their body/mind on this Earth. When the paradigm of the body/mind is stronger than the paradigm that they were born with, then there is a reorganization of the data in the brain to orient the stored data along the lines of the new paradigm. They may seem listless or disoriented for several days or for as long as a year, as the data reorganization commences and plays out, but once it is complete they will pop back and normally begin to achieve at a higher level within the paradigm that they adopted.

As adults, it is almost unheard of for anyone to change to another paradigm after the initial reorganization as a child (only about 1 per 100 million prior to 2003). However, since 2003 there have been more and more adults who are experiencing reorganizations as they switch from a worldly paradigm, to a spiritual paradigm that they have seen, based on intuitive acceptance of knowledge which Consciousness has brought to their attention. After that, if they continue to move to higher levels of Consciousness and continue to clear, the paradigm may slowly continue to evolve but it is highly unlikely that there will be further reorganizations.


This last level has been called the Integration level. Kinesiology confirms that this level is likely to be 6 to 10 years long. At this point, no one on this world has ever completed this level, even Jesus Christ (he did not live long enough). What little that I have personally seen, which testing confirms as part of this level, relates to reviewing our stories and observations which we had compiled under the old paradigm and peeling away the layers of embroidery that we have added, to reveal the event as we originally saw it. Since that original event, every time we have mentioned it to someone, written about it, or even thought about it, we have added a little or deleted a little until we have the story in a form that we can live with. During Integration, when the story comes to the surface it no longer fits the new paradigm. The layers of additions are stripped away every time the story surfaces. This may continue to go on for the rest of our lives but the bulk of the work occurs in the first 6-10 years.

Another example is the use colloquial words or short phrases. You may have thought that you understood what they mean but as you enter Integration you will find that sometimes a colloquial word which you have used many times, will pop up and before you can verbalize it, (even in the middle of saying the word), you will have a sense that the word you are speaking is not particularly accurate and you begin to avoid it. As time goes on, many of these words/phrases will drop from your current vocabulary.