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Increasing Power


This is the first level at which there is beginning to be adequate universal, or psychic power coming into the body through the chakras to meet basic needs. For the first time, you can occasionally take a chance and admit that you may have made a mistake, because you are no longer in continuous fear for your life, or your job, because you begin to suspect that chances are that you can get another job, or find another friend.

This is the level that the Marines are aiming for when they train their soldiers because there is less fear at this level. When you have enough psychic energy to manifest what you need and even some of that which you desire, it is much easier to use it, give it away, or play with it.

This level is not the highest level of Courage, just the level at which you begin to feel true courage. Every point higher on the Map of Consciousness provides more psychic power than the last, power to burn, to give to away or just to “waste” in frivolous creative play. This is the true source of courage which continually grows as you open to the unknown.

There can also be a fear that you will lose that which has been hard won if you do not act in accordance with that which brought you to this point. I have known a person to threaten to put his 75 year old mother on the street because she did not go to his church (she preferred another church). The son’s church had helped him raise his frequency from that of Anger, to the upper level of Courage and he was more afraid of losing what had been gained through his Church, than social rejection from non-church friends and acquaintances. What I saw at this point was someone struggling to grow and a church which had been there when he needed it, at the level that he needed, but which was now not meeting his needs for continued growth.

Consciousness/Holy Spirit provides guidance at every level if you are willing to open to it. However, there is no one spiritual or secular organization which can provide guidance to everyone at every level. One form of Courage is to open to the next level, when signs tell you that you are beginning to outgrow your current level. Until you can open to that next level, you will not be able to see it, even when it is all around you.


As your courage grows there is a certain growing sense that things will be OK in the long run. Even if something destructive occurs and you lose your job, you have the courage to go out and find another job. Who knows, it might be an even better job! You begin to see that some of your preferences are just that, preferences, and if you do not get what you prefer, it won’t kill you or break you. You can begin to "live and let live."

This is also the level at which you begin to allow others their preferences (that is, unless it might effect you). Like many of these frequency ranges, this frequency range is just the beginning of neutrality.


Willingness is the level at which you begin to open more and more to your spiritual potential. There is a willingness to expand your spiritual life, not out of fear but out of Courage. This applies to your job as well as you begin to take an active interest in doing a good job.

Here we see how Courage is continually expanding what you can do and what you are willing to at least try. As your Level of Consciousness rises you will find more and more Courage to help you through the tough spots, and to help you make those leaps of faith when they are needed.


Every point on the Map of Consciousness indicates some level of Acceptance. The lower your level of Consciousness, the less acceptance you have of what the universe has to offer you, especially if it is something that you do not want to face. However, there comes a point when a minimum degree of acceptance is necessary to continue a steady rise in Level of Consciousness. You see others around you continuing to rise in frequency and reap the rewards of what the additional energy brings with it. You want to get on with your life, your career, your family, so at some point you begin to accept some part of what comes to you, because you have found that fighting against it uses too much energy. It may not be all that you desire but is that which you have earned and which you need to move to higher frequencies.

At this point Acceptance is still very much "blind". Many times it is not something that you think about, but something that is just there, waiting for you. When your level of Consciousness is high enough, you will begin to see what has always been there for you. Acceptance need not be spoken, or even thought, but just a relaxing into what is already there.


Even as there is some acceptance of what comes to you, there is also a drive to be the best you can be. You may feel that you have to accept what comes to you. You begin to recognize your talents and use them to your advantage, becoming more and more insistent on doing not just a good job but a great job. The need for perfectionism extends not only to your job, but to your family and your community as you extend your talents there.

As you have more and more success at your job, family and community, there comes a point in your soul’s journey at which you begin to try to figure out how the universe works. The deeper you go, the higher your level of Consciousness and the more you are convinced that you, or someone like you, will be able to figure out what makes Consciousness, or the Universe tick. Eventually there comes a point where your thinking can take you no further. At this point you have spent many lifetimes trying to analyze the universe from the smallest to the largest and you are stuck. You are dedicated to your work, are a perfectionist and frequently are well known in the upper circles of your craft, but you are still stuck. When the more creative of God’s creatures show you the beauty of the universe you cannot enjoy it for the need to explain it. One by one, Consciousness feeds you the inexplicable and you try to explain the inexplicable in ordinary terms, but without much success, until the day that you understand that they are beyond your comprehension, beyond the comprehension of anything or anyone within materiality and even if you might get a peek at the nature of things, they are beyond proof. At whatever point that this comprehension sinks deep enough within your psyche, is the point that you get a peek at the next level, the level of Love.

There are gates between the levels and the key to each gate is an understanding of your own limitations, when compared to the nature of things and the next level. At each juncture in your life there is an opportunity to see more and to understand more. But seeing and understanding are not always enough to go through the gate. At times you may pass through a gate, only to find something even more inexplicable on the other side and you scamper back to that which is familiar. It is only when the pull on your heart is strong enough for you to feel, that you have the strength and energy to go through the gate and close it behind you.


The beginning of this level begins with an understanding that there is a mystery to the Universe that defies explanation. The presence of this mystery means that no matter how hard mankind tries, there are many things that can never be explained because they are beyond our comprehension. Once a person has reached this point, felt it, and begun to apply it to their lives, they begin to find this mystery in the everyday happenings of their world.

The person just entering the level of Love finds that it applies to not only to the mechanics of everyday life, but to the people that they meet as well. People that they thought that they knew, and knew well, turn out to be mysteries. They begin to think that if they cannot fully understand their own parent, spouse or child, how then can they pretend to comprehend a stranger?

This is just the beginning of an acceptance of others as they are. It is a moment of understanding that opens up when you recognize that you cannot know this person sitting across from you, even if they are your own children, even with your day to day knowledge of them. You begin by acknowledging that you do not know them, just as you really do not know your parents or your spouse. If it were just about knowledge, these would be the people that you think, that you would know the most about, but it is not about thinking, it is about feeling. You have spent lifetimes thinking about Love and there have been times you have thought that you loved someone, but at the same time there was no acceptance of them as they were. Love is when you give up thinking and begin to accept them as they are, not because you cannot fix them, but because they were designed to be the way they are for a reason that you cannot understand, by someone you cannot comprehend.

Once you have accepted one person, you can begin to apply that same compassion to others. That acceptance of another is the beginning of LOVE! You can begin to let others be who they are. This is the first major step in the transition from a thinking and doing form of life to a life based on being and accepting. You will begin to accept people, frequently as a group. Perhaps it is your immediate family first (children and spouse), then your bible group, then the people in your church, etc. As you find acceptance for each group, your level of Consciousness will rise until you have found a level of acceptance for virtually everyone (a Level of Consciousness of about 540).

At times it is easier to accept the streetwalker, than yourself. You have had 25,000 hours of training, from your parents, the babysitter, the daycare worker, your teachers at school, your bosses, your spouse, all those fingers that you thought were pointing at you, plus the ones that were. For many, as you are growing up there were 10 negative reviews for each positive reinforcement. You can probably remember many more of the negative statements than you can the positive ones. Is it any wonder that we have view others with the same criteria?

At whatever point you begin an honest review of your own life, you eventually begin to see that with every decision you made, you made the best decision that you could have made, given all circumstances.

As you begin to work through the higher frequencies, you will find your level of acceptance of what comes to you, whether in the form of a car accident, an award or the birth of an autistic child; that acceptance deepens into a form of peace. The higher you go, and the more you let Consciousness bring to you what is needed for this life, this experience, the more peace there is.

As you begin to relax into who you are, it brings a slightly different form of peace, it allows you to see the funny side of what and who you are. You see many of the warts or wrinkles that line you face and your psyche and the laughter bubbles up from within and you wonder how you could have ever been so serious.

Another type of acceptance that comes out of the understanding that there is a Mystery that we will never understand, is the ability to open a little more to what Consciousness brings to you. As long as you are so busy trying to figure things out, to make them work for you, you are less likely to be open to what Consciousness has provided. This is the level at which you begin to relax and to see possibilities other than that which you have made for yourself. You are not the original craftsman, Consciousness is, and it has a lot more experience than you do. Consciousness has not built that dark room around you, you have, so carve out a window or two, or walk out the door and see what Consciousness has in mind. You will be surprised!