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From the research which has been completed using applied Kinesiology, the people that I have met, my own family history, and what I have read; the following story emerges about the beginnings of Homo-Spiritus. Through the millennia, there have been a number of roles in this play called Earth which have been designed to take mankind another step higher in frequency. Some early roles included: the Vedics, Buddha, Jesus Christ, etc. By the end of the Vedic period in India, the overall level of Consciousness of mankind had risen by 15 points through the influence of the Vedas. By the time Jesus Christ arrived, Buddha had helped the overall level of Consciousness of mankind to rise another 10 points. Both the Vedas and Buddha were oriented towards thinking and doing as were the Romans in Italy, and the Jews in Israel. Jesus Christ however, was very much oriented in the heart and just the advent of his birth raised the level of Consciousness of mankind by approximately 47 points. The spread of his teachings by his apostles raised the level of Consciousness by another 35 points and Charlemagne raised it another 8. Dr. David R. Hawkins suggests the world-wide prayer circle in 1987 gave rise to that change and my Kinesiology in 2003 originally agreed. However, in reviewing for the website rewrite (2015), it appears more like development of the material for Dr. Hawkins book (Power vs Force) and his subsequent teachings more likely can take credit for at least 7 points of that rise. That brings the level of Consciousness of mankind to 204 at the beginning of Dr. Hawkins classes in January, 2002.

Several decades before the turn of the previous century, about 1878, there were three women born with Levels of Intention of 1000, in a family with ten children in the state of New York. One of them was my grandmother. All over the world there were pockets of these families with children being born whose Levels of Intention were 1000. In the beginning, most of them were women (Consciousness always has a reason). There were approximately 30 pockets these families, scattered over North America, Europe, Iran, India, Burma, Egypt, Australia, and more. These children could be considered the beginnings of the current Homo-Spiritus population on Earth (although Kinesiology selects 1001 as the physical beginning of Homo-Spiritus).

It is my feeling that the upwelling of these higher frequency children was due to the acceptance of the teachings of what the Vedics, Buddha, Jesus Christ and many other teachers throughout the ages have brought us. As these teachings slowly spread around the world, were accepted and embodied in life, there began to be pockets of families whose respect and love for their children assured, not just the survival of their children, but a continuing legacy of respect and love for their families and all the peoples of the Earth. This can only be achieved when there is some understanding and compassion for the plight of humans individually and mankind as a whole. That compassion, that Grace, was the Creator’s gift to us not only in the form of his son Jesus Christ, but hundreds and thousands of times each day that mankind has been here. What I am seeing here is that these higher frequency children are his gift to us once we had reached a minimum frequency level, as surely as Jesus Christ was. They are all a part of the Creator’s plan for us, to help us grow.


According to Dr. Hawkins, one reason why Jesus Christ could only be calibrated at 1000, was that the body of Christ would need to be able to accommodate a frequency of Intention at least that high (my calibration of the frequency of the body/mind of Christ = 1,000 but that the intention of the body calibrated at 2,000, as the first Homo-Spiritus and the soul of Christ calibrates at 96,000). Given that the Level of Intention for the majority of Jews of that time was 500 or less, Consciousness would have to bring together exactly the right roles to produce a baby with a physical body capable of housing a frequency of Intention of 2000. It probably took at least two generations just to bring two people together with levels close enough to produce a body capable of physically accommodating that frequency.

Level of Intention is the highest spiritual level that we can mentally see and accept as a possibility (6th and 7th chakras). Level of Consciousness is the level that we can feel and speak (chakras 4 and 5) and embody (chakras 1 through 3). The incoming Level of Intention (frequency) of the child cannot be significantly higher than the level of Intention of the mother carrying the child (except in rare cases), or there will be a miscarriage. The Level of Intention of Mary was 900, allowing her to carry this high-frequency baby whose incoming Intention was 2000. King David’s incoming Intention was 900 and his body had to have been bred for it. Joseph, coming from the genetic line of David may have been the best of all genetic fathers (of that time).

The question you have to answer is “who’ is doing all this planning? Your answer will probably depend on your cultural background, but if all the answers were traced to their non-cultural root, there would probably be no significant difference between them.

In late 1943, the pre-Homo-Spiritus population consisted of approximately 300 adults and children whose levels of Intention were 1000 (in 1843 there had been only been one, Abraham Lincoln). While there were a few Pre-Indigos and Indigos born earlier in the century (such as the 14th Dalai Lama), during 1944 there were approximately 185 children born with levels of Intention of 1001, marking what I feel is the true beginnings of Homo-Spiritus. These were what I have called, the Pre-Indigos. They were not as energetic as the later higher frequency Indigos, which began to be born in the mid 1950’s, but for the most part they were extremely intelligent, and most were what are commonly called, “old souls”. While most of Homo-Spiritus today have only been on Earth one or two lives, a number of the Pre-Indigos who were born 1943-1946, had experienced 5-6 lives on Earth beginning with the time of Christ (they most likely formed a support network around Christ, to insure his success and included many roles such as Mary, Joseph, the apostles and their families, John the Baptist, John’s parents, etc.). The talents and roles of the Pre-Indigos were less specific than the later Indigos, but many were very broad. They were pacemakers, here at that time to set the tone in many different fields, and pass on a growing physical legacy to their children, many of whom were born as Indigos.

NOTE 1: My current understanding of Dr. Hawkins is that he does not believe that the current trend is Homo-Spiritus. However, it is my belief that unless you can consistently calibrate over a frequency of 1,000, you cannot tell whether anything or anyone calibrates over that level. Your body must be capable of embodying those frequencies to consistently use them, and Dr. Hawkins has said in the past that while his Intention was 1,000, his poor health would not permit him to live at the level of 890 that he originally woke to.


Much of the explosion of technology over the last 70 years has been due to the influx of Pre-Indigo and Indigo children. In order for these roles to have a chance at filling their potential, there had to be sufficient food, security, lodging to meet the immediate needs of their families for several generations. In addition, the family values had to reflect many of the values of the great teachers such as Buddha or Jesus Christ, so that when these Homo-Spiritus children were born, their parents would be more open to what their talents were, rather than forcing them to be what was expected or needed. There is always the necessary hardship of Karma, but for most Homo-Spiritus, the karmic load is not particularly heavy because many of these children are “old souls,” whose negative karma load had already been cleared more than once (although with every life lived, there is always more to clear).

The primary characteristic of these children is their energy level, much of which carries into adulthood. What my kinesiology verifies is that this excess energy comes from two changes in the body, an opening of the chakras to the universal energy that the body’s meridian system uses, and an upgrade of the meridian system to be able to handle higher frequencies than in past generations. The children whose incoming Levels of Intention were 5,000 had excess energy to burn, but those with levels of 8,000 sometimes appear driven (see Note 2 below). The children born at 10,000 actually seem relaxed in comparison but that is because of another change in the body which differentiates the Indigos from the Crystals. There is no clear-cut line between these groups but the core of one group is as different as night-and-day from the core of the next group. Note 2: Many of these children ended up on Ritalin because it was thought they were ADHD. While both groups display hyperactivity, the ADHD child will be unable to focus adequately on a task and will distract others. The Indigo will be able to focus enough to do the task, but may then choose to move on to another task, or try to help others with the task. With so many children to deal with, the teacher may not have the time, or motivation to differentiate.

One difference between the Indigos and Crystals is the very nature of who they are and how they approach the world. There is a very strong similarity between the nature of the Indigos and the nature of those Homo-Sapiens whose Level of Consciousness is between 401 and 500 (the level of Reason and Logic). The difference is that those Homo-Sapiens who happened to be living at that level, became “thinkers” and “doers” as they moved through that level. When they began to “feel” the differences in what makes a person who they are, they began to open to possibilities of what made their loved ones who they have become and they moved through the gate into Love (501+). They then began to slowly drop their need to constantly “do” and began to relax into the growing understanding that there is nothing really to do, no reason to be forgiven for anything. All higher souls have been in the same spot, including that which we have called “God”. He/She has made the same errors, been saddled with the same karma, has had to clear that karma in the same way we do, the only difference being that he/she is further along in the same process.

Indigos are thinkers and doers at a higher frequency than Homo-Sapiens. Conceptually, it is like a child’s toy called a slinky that has been painted with one inch stripes of color, up the side of the slinky. Each color represents a different level. If you were small enough, you could traverse around one level of the slinky, passing through each color until you came to the same color you started on, but at a higher level. It would be as if there were many levels of Reason and Logic, one on each level of the slinky, and yet each one of them different. When you traverse Reason and Logic the first time (between 401 and 500), there are concepts that must be mastered before you could move onto the next color (or frequency level), which is called Love. When you look back you can see that you had tried to work your way out of Reason and Logic by doing and thinking, but it was only when you finally saw the Mystery of all that is, that you could grasp that it was not about what you thought or what you did. It is all about deeper and deeper levels of Acceptance of yourself and others because there is no way you are going to figure everything out. It is not about being Love, showing Love, but about understanding human limits and human frailty, about letting the other person be who they are, regardless of where/what they are. There is no way to earn love, it is always there, but we needed Jesus Christ to show it to us, to find a way to teach it to us.

There is a subtle but definite difference between someone at 450 (mid-point Reason and Logic, for a Level of Intention of 1,000) and someone at 5,000 (midpoint Reason and Logic, for an Indigo with a Level of Intention of 10,000). See Note 3 below. The person at 450 does not know that they cannot work their way to a higher frequency. That is the lesson that they must learn to get through the gate at 500 (one of the hardest gates there is). The person at 5000 has a sense that they cannot work their way to a higher frequency, but since they do not know what else to do, they do it anyway until they are reminded (but if they are reminded they catch on very quickly). Note 3: Just like there are no two snowflakes alike, each soul comes in with a very unique bag of talents and the Level of Intention of the body/mind picked is based on the level and type of work that the soul needs to do. An Archangel might easily come back as an Indigo because of the type of task envisioned, required a very high energy thinker and doer (high energy as opposed to high frequency. Crystal children are higher in frequency but not necessarily in energy).

It is not unusual for people who are into doing, as a way of living to have difficulty understanding being, as a way of living. One person (Indigo), does a lot of spiritual things, thinks of herself as very spiritual and thinks that her husband, who is very quiet and into just being (Crystal), is not particularly spiritual because he is not a doer. In reality, he has been a doer (probably for a number of lives) and eventually gave up doing as a way of life. Instead, he understands that when Consciousness wants him to do something specific, it will let him know. Until then, he will do what is placed in front of him to do, and little more. In that way he stays open to Consciousness.

One thing that the Indigo and Crystal share, is a longer life span.


Both the Indigo and Crystal take longer to move through the markers and signposts that Homo-Sapiens has defined to check the progress of their children. That is the reason why so many of these children take more time to move out of parent’s home, or return to the parent’s home after a year or two on their own. They were not ready. Several times the last year, I have come to know Indigos who, at 25-35 years of age, appear mature, but at some point will turn and make a statement(s) or ask question(s) that you would expect from a teen. In that moment, they are a teen. While some Indigos do make a career choice fairly early, many do not see anything that tempts them until much later. They will play around with odd jobs until something strikes them at the heart level and then they make their move. It could be at 22, at 42, or 62!!


Crystals are much more into Being, as opposed to thinking and doing. It is especially noticeable in young children, even in-vitro. In young children, the Indigo is always moving, reaching, putting things in their mouth, exploring in some way. They are always moving, unless they are asleep. A Crystal child of the same age will watch, just watch and absorb. It is as if they feel the need to absorb everything within their sight before they turn to the next thing. The Indigo at 10,000 is somewhat similar but to a lesser degree. It is as if they are 60% doers and 40% watchers and the Crystals at 10,001 are 40% doers and 60% watchers. What my Kinesiology has verified is that another change has been made to the meridian system. Indigos at 8,000 must keep going, on and on, to get rid of the excess energy; but Crystals, and to some extent Indigos at 10,000, have the ability to control what that energy is used for, to focus it. It is not a conscious ability but it is there and it is being used.

It is not unusual for young Crystal children to have problems with minor motor coordination. Speech problems are fairly common. If I ask about the reasons, the reason that Kinesiology picks as the strongest reason, is that the souls experiencing these children are very old souls, and it has been (in our words) a long time since they have experienced a body. It will just take time and possibly speech therapy.

  • Many Crystals have very strong psychic talents, especially in the field of healing. Where I live, there are more healers than you would ever imagine. The problem is:
  • they do not know it, or,
  • their parents were too afraid to let them experience it as children
  • They have been too well trained in reason and logic to open to it,
  • their talents have been blocked for use later in life,
  • they do not have the energy supply required
  • their level of clearing is not high enough to use it properly.

Most Crystals also have gifts in clairvoyance. For the most part, many parents are not equipped to understand this gift, so for most children gifted with clairvoyance, it has been blocked (as are many of the young healers until they are older and/or there is a need for it).


There are several groups of children that have been called Rainbow children, each for a different reason. In asking about the color of their aura, what I get is that it is an Emerald color, so I have been calling them the Emerald children.

At this time (1/8/06), there are only about 400 Emerald/Rainbow children world-wide and about half of them are in-vitro at this time. Since the Level of Intention of these children is 20,001 - 25,000 (which tests as the highest manifest frequency level of the world) it is anyone’s guess as to why they are here. When two Emerald babies that I have met were tested (using Kinesiology), what I got was a pattern of talents that appear to me to be the type required for a high-level spiritual teacher. Doreen Virtue PhD has met and described two of what she calls Rainbow children, who were about 4 years of age. One of the mega talents that they both shared was the ability to communicate telepathically, using pictures. On the talent chart, this would be a level 12+ on a human scale of 1 to 12 (although Osho had a talent in telepathy that was a 15, and people report hearing him twice; first in their mind and then through their senses). The Emerald children as a whole, test at about a talent level of 9 in telepathy.

What I believe is that we (homo-sapiens as a whole), are being prepared for a move to higher frequency levels. The Indigos are here to help us correct some of the many inadequacies of our social/governmental/distribution systems. The Crystals are here to show us how to heal our bodies, without putting the entire family in debt for generations. The Emeralds are here to teach us/mankind how to move to these higher frequency levels.

Luck VS Synchronicity

As an aside: One important point that people need to understand; good luck is something that may come your way, but there is always a price that must be paid at some point because luck comes from the destructive side of Consciousness. You rarely have any idea as to what the price will be for that luck, until it shows up at some later point. Things that come to you via luck, have a tendency to look fantastic, until you are immersed and begin to see the myriad of flaws.

Synchronicities, however, are positive events which come to you from the creative side of Consciousness, and are based on a number of positive factors already available in your soul and your life. The biggest of these factors includes your willingness to open to what the creative side of Consciousness brings to you. The higher your frequency is, the more you actively work toward what Consciousness asks of you, the more service you provide, such as, helping others, teaching, supporting those things/options/ events which will lead others to a higher frequency, etc. the more creative Consciousness will provide for you in the way of synchronicities. Synchronicities will never bring you more than what you deserve, and rarely more than you need, but what you (your body/mind/soul) have already earned, or what your current role requires, so there are rarely any negative surprises that come with these gifts.

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