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There have always been healers. When the known world was small and virtually everybody knew everybody within a days walk, you knew who they were and if they had a good reputation. With a population nearing 7 billion, any one of whom you could travel and talk to within 36 hours, how do you know how to find a good healer? As yet, this is still a very experimental field, no matter how old it is. While my knowledge is far from complete, utilizing five criteria, the following people have stood out as having the potential that it takes to become good healers. The criteria includes:

  1. A strong ability to open to what the Holy Spirit/Consciousness brings to them,
  2. A healing talent level of at least 3 (most are at level 4, Dr. Eric Pearl is a 7),
  3. A Reconnection which continues to grow (see,
  4. A power level sufficient to implement level 3-4 work, and
  5. A current email address.

PLEASE NOTE: These people are not physicians. What they are offering is considered alternative or complementary to services provided by the medical establishment. They have all been trained and certified by Dr. Eric Pearl ( in at least the two primary Reconnective Healing classes, and are on his practitioners list. All that has been done for this webpage is to screen the practitioners listed on TheReconnection practitioner list using applied Kinesiology and a somewhat higher selection criteria.

Country Healer Location Websites Email Contact
Australia Darren Broadie Currans Hill,
Australia Marie Budimir Melbourne, 
Victoria AU
Australia Beryl Evans Mosman Park, 
West Australia AU
Australia Regina Foreman Sunshine Coast,
Queensland AU
Australia Susan Mikkelsen Frankston, 
Victoria AU
Australia Catherine Ong Balmain, Sydney
Australia Lana Reznik Sydney, AU
Australia Colleen Wildblood CHt Balmain,  
Sydney, AU
Belguim Marie-Claire De Breck-Era Brussels,  
Brabant BE
Canada Marie-Lise Bolduc St-Eustache,  
Canada Diane Buteau Montreal,  
Quebec, Canada
Canada Lori Fipke Westerose, 
Alberta CA
Canada GwenGrant , M.S. Calgary, 
Alberta, CA
Canada Cathrine Molle Margit Toronto, Ontario CA
Canada Brigita Rafaela Roube Oakville,  
Ontario, CA
Canada Bozena Szubert Mississauga, 
Ontario CA
Denmark Susy Lehnart Copenhagen,  
France Dominique Conci-Morel St. Remy de Provence, 
Provence, FR
France Aivi Coutin Lyon,  
Limonest, FR
France Emmanuelle Petit Evreux,  
France FR
Germany Birgit Hasler Bremen,  
Germany DE
Germany Juliane Hofmann Munich, 
Germany DE
Germany Anett Metz Sachsen,  
Leipzig DE
Germany Bjoern-Erik Wenz Berlin,  
Berlin DE
Israel Ian Jascourt
Israel Tamara Spivak-Gelis
UK Averil Harrison Amberley,  
West Sussex UK
UK Frances Willenbrock, PhD Orpington,   
Kent UK
Norway Line Beck Oslo,   
Norway NO
Norway May Britt Jagedal Floroe NO
Norway Kerstin Knobel Stra,mmen,   
Stra,mmen NO
Norway Unni Helen Soernes Vestby & Oslo,  
Akershus NO
Norway Odd Ueland Vinterboro,  
Vinterboro NO
USA Nancy K. Brown, LMT Oregon City,   
USA Mary Elisabeth Coppin Riverside,  
USA Raymond Dragon New York,  
USA Sarah Fries, B.A. Lomita,  
USA Janick Lawrence Vancouver,  
USA Marlene Martinez Los Angeles,  CA
USA Karen Polek Laguna Beach,  
USA Dianne Shelton, L.Ac Silver Spring,