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“And more will you do.”

The apostle John recounts the words of Jesus and in the last few years people are bringing up these same words more and more, as their favorite quotation from the Bible. From what I am seeing, these words are beginning to fit those who are the children of his teachings. They are born with his wisdom and in spite of all our efforts to teach them the customs and rules of society, they see through them to a higher frequency. Those who are raising, or have raised these children know what these children are, even if it is difficult to put into words. How do we, as a reader, know what these children are, or what we are? One of the ways that it can be explained is through the use of Kinesiology and the Map of Consciousness (Power Vs Force, by David R Hawkins MD, PhD.)

Through the use of Kinesiology the total overall frequency of the body/soul combination can be measured or calibrated using Dr Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness as our beginning ruler. That map is a ruler used to measure Homo-Sapiens and deals with frequencies between 1 and 1000. However, Dr. Hawkins has many times mentioned (but never in any detail) the possibility of a Homo-Spiritus whose chakras and meridian systems were more fully developed to handle even higher frequencies. For the majority of you who are reading this website, you are likely Homo-Spiritus or the parents of Homo-Spiritus.

Let us trace our history as a species from about 6,000 years ago to the present, using Kinesiology. Please keep in mind that there were always individuals and pockets of individuals with levels of Consciousness somewhat higher than the overall level of mankind. The Vedics of about 5000 years ago were one of those groups.

Worldwide Level of Consciousness

Period of Measurement Level of Consciousness
6,000 years ago
At the time the Vedas were written
At the birth of the Buddha
Prior to the conception of Jesus Christ
After the birth of Jesus Christ
When Christ was taken from the cross
At the Last Supper
At the death of the last apostle
At the birth of Charlemagne
In 827 AD (at the death of Charlemagne)
When Abraham Lincoln took office as President
When Lincoln was shot and killed
At the birth of almost 200 Homo-Spiritus children in 1944
At the publishing of “Power vs Force” in 1995
January 1, 2000

The story told by these numbers is a story of the gifts of our Creator to his children. It tells me that we, mankind, are children being raised from intellectual and spiritual infancy (6000 years ago) thru childhood, adolescence and into youth, with its vigor and resilience. During this journey, we have been given teachers to help us at every step. Teachers like the Vedics, Buddha, Jesus Christ, and leaders like Charlemagne and Lincoln. Each teaching was timed to be there when we needed it, to help us up to the next step.

By the birth of Jesus Christ, much of the known world had drifted into a world of class and class distinctions. The Pharisees decreed that Heaven was only for the pure. However, if you were not a Pharisee, you were impure, no matter how many hours a day that you studied and prayed. If you were a woman, you were impure automatically. Most trades were considered impure. People lived without hope that there was anything that could be done except to just exist. Heaven only existed for the male Pharisee. Jesus saved these seekers by telling them that you did not need to be a Pharisee to commune with God, that there were no earthly works that would bring you closer to God. It was the purity of heart that was the price, and that was free. There was nothing that had to be done, nothing that had to be paid. FREE!

Such was God’s gift to us that the level of Consciousness of all of mankind rose significantly at the birth of Jesus Christ. Add to that the teachings he left us and his disciples who roamed and taught much of the knowledge over the known world for the next 50 years and the overall level of Mankind rose approximately 80 points in less than 100 years!

However, the teachings frequently preceded mankind’s ability to fully understand them outside a few each century. We had to grow into them, but there were always a few higher level souls around to bridge the gap, to point them out, until we had progressed to a level where our scholars could understand them well enough in the original language to translate and present them to the less educated. It then took time for the teachings to move through the social framework from the richest and best educated, to the poorest of scholars and into the home. About the time that it became teachings for our children, a new teacher would arrive to understand at an even higher level, teachers like: Meister Eckhart (1400’s), Luther (1600’s), the Fillmores (1900’s), or C.S. Lewis, Ramana Maharshi, and Vivekananda (early 20th century). The last two centuries, the response time to each new major teaching produced became faster, from the teacher to the home, until we were ready for the next big step.

Levels of Intention

Great Men Levels of Intention
Peter the Apostle
Populace at the time of Christ
Meister Eckhart
Martin Luther
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
The Fillmores
C.S. Lewis
Ram Dass
The 13th Dalai Lama
The 14th Dalai Lama

If the level of Consciousness that Jesus Christ lived at was 1000 just before his death (his birth Level of Intention was 2000), then something had to change in order to allow his words to reach, and be understood by all who sought that mystery that we call God. What did it take? Part of what has allowed this change has been the level of education of the ordinary man, so that he could read the teachings for him/herself. As the level of education and understanding rose, so did the Level of Intention for succeeding generations. Another change has been the speed at which new ideas could move, literally around the world. First it was the availability of books, then radio, television and now the internet. In other words, the boom in information technology throughout the 19th and 20th centuries have brought C.S. Lewis, Vivekananda and the Dalai Lama into our homes. This website could be viewed by people from any the country in the world, the same day it loaded onto the internet. That means that as fast as people can hear, read, decide for themselves and move to a new level, that is the speed at which teachers of the next level need to appear.

But, where are these teachers going to come from? In the past they appeared only one or two per century and the overall level of Intention of those spiritual teachers only rose 300 points over 1900 years. But during the last half of the 20th century (the 13th and 14th Dalai Lamas being forerunners), the level of Intention of a number children born worldwide, began to climb. These children (the first groups are now adults and seniors), gave birth to children with even higher levels of Intention, and so on. This was the beginning of Homo-Spiritus. It took 1900 years for the level of Intention of the common man to rise from 300 to 700, however, it has only taken about 65 years for the incoming level of Intention of these Homo-Spiritus children to rise from 1,000 to 25,000 (the limit of materiality on this planet). As of January 1st, 2015 there were over 2,300,000 of these children worldwide. These Homo-Spiritus children are our teachers for as long as we remain within the materiality of this planet. The souls of many of these children are what is commonly called “old souls”, or what the Buddhists have traditionally called Bodhisattvas. They are here to help us move to the next level, the semi-material world, or Void above 25,000; a world of angels, archangels, bodhisattvas and other celestial beings. The gift of these children (Pre-Indigos, Indigos, Crystals and Emerald children) may well be what was promised by Jesus. But what all of this really tells me, is that our Creator HAD A PLAN FOR US ALL ALONG!!! The inter-twinings of this plan can be seen at least as far back as the Vedics. That plan is still in place and working to provide spiritual support to those who need it and working to provide a path for each and every soul that longs for his Creator.

Please read the section called SPIRITUS for more information about Homo-Spiritus.