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About Us

It was in my early 40’s that synchronicity led me to a church that was truly based in love and acceptance. For 10 years, my only prayers were to find a way that would help me learn to be less self-centered.

Upon retiring early at 52 to work on a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, it was found that classes in meditation, and spirituality were now more interesting than the psychology classes themselves.

After a number of unanticipated Kundalini openings in 1998 and 1999, which had led me into the study of energy and the body, the book Power Vs Force (by David Hawkins, MD, PhD) caught my imagination. In it, Dr. Hawkins proposed that thoughts and feelings, were stored in the body as positive or negative frequencies. The next direction then became to search for ways to clear those negative thoughts and feelings from the body. This was first priority for several years, mainly through the use of 1-2 week workshops, and weekly Living Essence clearing sessions.

After attending a number of day long lectures by Dr. Hawkins in 2002 at Sedona, at which he suggested that we learn Kinesiology (muscle testing) and ask our own questions, Kinesiology became my next serious topic of experience. Once learned, it was like being in center field, in the dark, when they turn all the lights on at once. Wondrous! The questions never appear to stop!! If this is madness, give me another plate!! This body/mind turned and tuned in to the most fabulous of worlds, where you are allowed to ask all the questions you want and grow in all sorts of creative directions, with no one person to tell you, you are wrong, only Consciousness. That is our next step, allowing Consciousness itself to become our next teacher, through the Soul.

There came a day when the negative feelings in the body began to leave, layer by layer, on their own!! The only thing that Janet was doing, was to say “yes”. The ego rattles on in the background (it used to be in the foreground with a microphone and speakers) but the difference is not only one of less volume, but also that of a different tone and subject. If an idea pops up from the Soul, the ego grabs it and begins to work on it. Instead of trying to figure out everything that could possibly go wrong, it digs for details, rehearses and plans, all in the background. Sometimes it is felt/heard and sometimes not, sometimes the material is useful and still, frequently not. All I know is that part of me keeps rumbling on in the background, while the foreground asks questions and writes, and tries to stay open to the Soul. It is now the interplay between the Body/Mind, the Soul and Consciousness, that forms the most interesting of subjects, a subject that will never run out.

Looking back, the one thing that can be said for sure is that everything that happened to me, everything that this body/mind seemed interested in, everything that was done, ultimately points back to the Soul and the purpose behind this particular life. This is not just a generalization, virtually EVERYTHING!!

  • If there was physical and sexual abuse as a child, and a suicide attempt at 17, it was because this body/mind had to NEED the love and support that only Consciousness could give, to fuel this drive for connection with the Soul.
  • If this body/mind took several geology classes over the years (and did not know why), it was because of a part of the work that would eventually have to be done by the Soul.
  • If this body/mind was discouraged at one point from developing vocal talent, it was because it was not yet time,
  • If this body/mind chose marriage at a time when it had been planned to go back to school, it is because this soul is more feeling oriented than thinking oriented, and the real choice was one of a Bhakti path (Love) over a Jana path (Knowledge).
  • If this body/mind quit work at a fairly high paying job at 52, to go back to school when it jeopardized retirement, it was because it was time to really begin the spiritual work that it was meant to do.
  • If this body/mind then quit school and sold the house, to go to Sedona, it was because there was something there it needed (Dr. Hawkins and his book which eventually led us to learn Kinesiology).

Do you get the drift of this?

This life/role was designed by Consciousness for a specific purpose, to allow the Soul to experience and learn. The Soul then flavors that life with its own talents and attaches to the body/mind/role so that it can adequately learn from this life what it needs to learn. You are not this body/mind. The Soul is the most active and creative part of this union. It carries all our memories with it when we die. It is the part of us that lives on. THE REAL YOU, IS THE SOUL!!!  What we think of as GOD: set the stage, peopled the stage and had his Angels, Archangels and Bodhisattvas design the roles in this play called Earth. It is then up to the Soul to work closely with a particular body/mind/role to learn what it must learn to move on. You, as a body/mind are not where the action is, the SOUL is the most spiritually active partner here. When you experience the watcher as you do meditations, you are coming into contact with the Soul that is experiencing your life/role.

Within your dimension, the work of the Soul goes far beyond that of your life/role.  It energetically affects all those around you.  It also energetically affects all those, whose decisions would affect your dimension.  The higher your frequency, the more the Soul can do.  Open to the Soul because that is your main goal!